The 4 C’s of Marketing, with a twist!

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“The 4 C’s of Marketing, with a twist! ”

At Ignition we don’t always follow the rules. Sometimes we find a better way that works for us! In the Product and Marketing Department, we have developed our own 4 C’s that are used as the guiding force and pillars for everything that we do.

Collaboration: It’s about more than teamwork, It’s about using your skills and interests to help achieve an end goal: together.

Connection: everything we do relates back to connection: the way and means you connect with your colleagues, your suppliers or you customer. Ensuring that there is a sound connection of understanding, clearly and simply, to form the best possible relationship or journey, is key.

Communication: Open channels of communication manage expectations, helps alleviate stress, and helps everyone on the team understand the process and gain clarity, every step of the way.

Courage: the courage to be a go-getter, to step outside your comfort zone, and to believe in yourself. Be proud and accountable for the work you do and what you achieve.

 What would YOU add to this list?

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