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Our Superpowers


We use data to make sure we’re bringing customers the most relevant messages, at the most relevant time. By only connecting with people when they’re receptive to what’s being said, sales and marketing activity becomes exponentially more efficient — and customers stay for longer. Over many years, we have built a large, engaged customer base. With multiple audience segments and data points, we personalise conversations for building propensity models allowing for better engagement across multiple touchpoints.

Our Superpowers


We combine a blend of our own custom-developed technology and other leading solutions in a single, scalable customer acquisition, engagement and retention platform. This streamlined approach helps build more meaningful relationships with existing customers, and discover more ways to reach customers we want.

Our Superpowers


A new breed of marketing technologists reside at Ignition. We’ve transformed our business, led by a team of world-class digital specialists. Woven together from multiple award-winning agencies and academies, our specialist team covers paid search, search engine optimisation, social media, data-driven creative, programmatic display, analytics, customer relationship management, digital public relations, user-experience, conversion rate optimised, content management and consumer insights.

Our Superpowers


Empowering consumers to choose their own way of transacting forms part of our tailor-made solutions. We deploy best-of-breed e-commerce platforms, all fully integrated into a full logistics component. We warehouse, manage stock, pick and pack, deliver and provide a seamless user experience for partners who require that service.

Online user-journeys, from first interaction to final delivery, maintains our philosophy of multiple transaction options for customers who prefer the seamless online environment.

Our Superpowers


We have real and meaningful conversations with people. We are pioneering the way traditional contact centres operate, with our teams of highly-skilled and highly-motivated customer engagement specialists.

Informed by data, the state-of-the-art environment encourages smarter, more engaging conversations leading to efficient telephonic sales.


Our Superpowers


Through the combination of industry-leading technology, smart data, custom-developed products and human ingenuity, we help our partners to reach more people in a more relevant way.


Getting more customers is only part of the mix. Retaining good customers is how we add real value. Through both our exclusive customer engagement platform and our customer acquisition engagement team, we ensure we maintain meaningful relations with customers, even once the transaction is complete.

Our Superpowers


We are driven by the power of technology and people coming together to deliver an exceptional platform experience for all, we leverage our AI driven Martech, Fintech and Insuretech platforms and solutions to transform client experience and drive sustainability.

Our platforms can be designed to fit your organisation’s needs.

Quick, simple and profitable white labelling opportunities exist. Partner with us and rebrand our platforms under your brand and resell them to your clients.

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