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Partnering with The LEARN Project, Ignition built a library for the deserving children at Eskhululiwe Primary School.
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Ignition Group - paving the way for future leaders

Ignition is proud to announce that we have sponsored and launched a brand-new library for Eskhululiwe Primary School in Inanda. This came after our Mandela Day initiative where Ignitioners collected and covered children’s books to assist The Learn Project with establishing 13 book corners for the same school.

Ignition had identified an opportunity to partner with The Learn Project to build our society and contribute to the growth and upliftment of the communities around us. Eskhululiwe Primary was the first deserving school that Ignition got involved with on this worthy project.

We attended the launch of the library at the school premises on 29 November 2022, and were welcomed with such enthusiasm by the principal, Mrs Mncwabe, as well as the teachers and learners at the assembly. What a wonderful moment, to see such a united school with so much potential. From the poems and book reviews by the learners to the gumboot dancing and the rest of the entertainment, it was obvious how much this library means to the school.

In partnership with The Learn Project, we organised a local sewing group in the community, The Bhambayi Sewing Group, led by the talented Thembi Biyela who sews from her wheelchair, to make book bags and curtains for this special school. Adding to this partnership, the contracted builder also created employment within the Inanda area by employing painters and other builders to assist with this project.

“The Learn Project has touched so many lives. The work that their team does is a powerful weapon, and they are changing the world through education. We couldn’t be more grateful to them and the Ignition Group,” says Mrs Mncwabe.

Ros Toerien, CEO and founder of The Learn Project, and her team were responsible for actually getting the library fitted out and ready for the school, and will also be training a full-time librarian to look after the library and the learners’ reading needs.

“We at The Learn Project aim to inspire hope, instil change and impact lives through the power of books and literacy,” says Ros. “We believe that a reading nation is a leading nation, and that readers make leaders and leaders build nations. It is up to us to equip future generations.”

A particularly touching moment was when the school’s first ever library monitors were presented with their badges and then got to see the library for the first time. The library, which contains over 1800 books, was filled with so much excitement as it was revealed to the guests and teachers, and we know it is going to be a space of joy, fun and learning.

We are very proud to know that the library will provide academic literacy resources for teachers and learners to assist them with assignments, projects and homework. Most importantly, it will encourage reading within the school.

Ignition and The Learn Project believe that literacy is a fundamental human right, but also that these skills can help children of South Africa fully take part in society as they grow and mature. We are committed to assisting our communities to grow our youth into adults who are employable and trainable. Along with hard work and dedication, we hope that this library will help Eskhululiwe learners to create a brighter future for themselves, their communities and our country.

Readers make leaders, and leaders build nations.

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