Ignition Group brings Digital Library to local school

As part of our CSR initiative, we recently launched our first Digital Library at a local school in a community in Durban.
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Learn Project Digital Library

This means that students at this school now have access to 10 iPads loaded with fun and educational apps for reading, writing, coding, and maths.

Since 2022, we’ve been working with The LEARN Project to help schools in need. We’ve donated book corners and libraries to three schools in KwaZulu-Natal, providing students with the books and resources they need to succeed.

“We believe that by supporting literacy and reading programmes for foundation phase, learners at less privileged schools, get the base they need to participate in and benefit from formal education,” says Samantha Botha, Head of Group Marketing at Ignition Group. “Well educated school leavers are poised to study further or enter the working world with skills that can open up new opportunities and benefit the country’s economy in the long-term.”

The new Digital Library is a big step forward. Along with the iPads, we’ve included tech support for a whole year, broadband connectivity, and insurance to keep everything running smoothly.

Ros Toerien from The LEARN Project is also very excited about this new initiative. “It’s a new path we’re navigating and we’re so excited. At the tap of a button, learners can explore the world from their school desk – and technology makes all this possible”.

Ignition Group is bridging the digital divide, by making connectivity accessible for everyone. We will continue making a difference in the lives of students by providing them with the technology and resources they need to succeed in the modern digital world.

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