Committed to education: Ignition donates 19 Book Corners

“All it takes is a spark, which becomes a flame which turns into the fire needed to bring about change,” says Ros Toerien of The Learn Project.
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The Learn Project at Windy Heights Primary School - Umlazi

Ignition Group is determined to be that spark, which is why we have partnered with The Learn Project on another educational project.

In June 2023, Ignition and The Learn Project officially opened 19 Book Corners at the Windy Heights Primary School in Umlazi – one for every class in the foundation phase of the school. Each book corner is made up of 60 books displayed in a bookcase, as well as colourful cushions and a rug to make the corner an inviting space that leaners want to spend time in. They have the power to bring the magic of reading to hundreds of children.

The 19 book corners donated by Ignition had been in place for a few months before the official opening, and the school’s principal, Mrs G.T. Makhanya, says that they are already making an impact. Teachers have noticed that learners are completing their work more enthusiastically and quickly, so they can get to enjoy some extra time with a favourite book. This leads to improvements in reading, which also positively impacts every aspect of a child’s education.

This is the third project that Ignition has partnered with The Learn Project on, which has led to a tangible difference. “A project like this is an incredible way to make a lasting, sustainable difference in lives and in a community,” says Samantha Botha, Group Head of Marketing for Ignition Group. “Being able to read is something that most of us take for granted, but without adequate books and the correct teaching, it is something that is out of reach for so many South African children. The Learn Project and Ignition Group are achieving great things by giving children the power of literacy and the opportunity to mature into employable, contributing members of society. We are privileged to be able to partner with them in projects such as this one.”

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