Say hello to the Ignition CX logo!

Ignition Group is proud to share the Ignition CX brand identity and logo.
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Introducing our Ignition CX branding

For over 20 years the Ignition customer experience business has been setting the standard for excellence, growing to become a major player both in South Africa and globally. It plays a core role in the Ignition Group ecosystem, which is made up of business units in telecommunication, banking and financial services, digital marketing and more, and until now has operated under the Ignition Group banner.

Having recently opened a new Cape Town office and with a new US-based team of CX experts, we thought now is the perfect time to give this exceptional business its own brand identity and logo, to bring it in line with our other businesses.

While Ignition CX has a fresh look, the logo stands for everything that Ignition is known and respected for – being a global leader in high performance customer acquisition and customer experience management. This is facilitated through long-lasting partnerships, great value, technological innovation and a full suite of CX solutions across multiple industries, all managed with personal attention from our committed team.

If you would like to get in touch with our CX team, visit the Ignition CX website.

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