Ignition Group’s Activate Programme: Empowering graduates with skills and experience

The Activate Program is designed to fulfil Ignition’s commitment to impact sourcing, empowering individuals by offering them real-world skills development, experience and job prospects.
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Ignition Group Activate Training Launch

Ignition recently launched an innovative training programme that breaks the mould by offering a carefully curated blend of skills development with practical real-world experience. Once learners have completed the intensive four-week-long course they not only know what they need to do, but have actually done it in a controlled and mentored environment, leaving them with the skills and confidence they need to be successful in the sales and customer service industry.

Impact sourcing is a philosophy that Ignition is deeply committed to, but the company has recognised that merely creating jobs is not enough to make a sustainable difference if those jobs exclude individuals with potential but with no experience.

By providing the experience that so often precludes individuals from entering the job market, the Activate Programme is able to improve the success rate of new hires as well as increase the impact of each job created. Graduates are able to hit the ground running and get their careers off to a positive, confidence-building start.

Graduates are presented with a certificate of completion after the course that reflects the credibility of the training and the weight it already holds within the business.

Ignition is justifiably proud of the programme, the training staff and the over 100 new Ignitioners who have already completed the training and been incorporated into Ignition’s business operations.


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