Managing Dapr with Diagrid for increased reliability and security

Diagrid, like Dapr, is an exceptional product that can revolutionise how developers produce and manage products.
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Ignition Group Managing Dapr with Diagrid

In October 2022, a Dapr platform called Diagrid Conductor emerged from Stealth mode, but Ignition Group has been using it since April 2022 and it has become a mainstay in our business solution. Other tech companies involved in the Beta stage included IBM Research, Fynda and Dotmatics.

Diagrid is designed to reduce the resources needed in managing Dapr by giving developers vital insights into their application as well as keeping them informed on how to apply best practices, prevent misconfigurations and secure applications. The result, as we have found over our time using Diagrid to manage our Dapr microservices, is increased stability and security.

Because our business deals with millions of transactions a day across multiple verticals, we need our programs to be stable and agile, and give us the ability to identify and solve problems quickly. Over the past six months, Diagrid has proven to offer all of this and more.

Diagrid has enabled our developers to be more productive, and the applications and microservices that we are developing on Kubernetes with Dapr are more reliable and adaptable. Dapr has built-in features to improve reliability, but they are time consuming to keep on top of. Diagrid has made it much easier for us to manage Dapr on Kubernetes.

Diagrid is a very impressive product that is completely unique and brings many advantages to the back-end of our solutions. It has already offered significant value add to the existing ecosystem. By using Diagrid, you gain unparalleled visibility into your applications and infrastructure using the telemetry data generated by Dapr. Diagrid Conductor tracks the health of your entire system and shows you when there is a problem, with the built-in alerts for every Dapr metric.

Dapr with Diagrid now operates the entire back end of Ignition Group’s sales business, so every sale made goes through Dapr and is made visible by Diagrid. Diagrid has also provided the back end to the processing of our customers’ orders from South Africa and the USA.

When we realised the capabilities of Diagrid, we also used it for our very advanced AI-powered payment system and it has proved to be incredibly well suited to that product too. We have nearly 100 microservices in place supporting that, and we are now using Diagrid to monitor our production environment where we’re billing over a million transactions a month.

Diagrid, like Dapr, is an exceptional product that can revolutionise how developers produce and manage products. Ignition’s relationship with the developers of these products has pushed our business to new heights, and we anticipate pioneering innovative solutions together for many years to come.

Russel Stather is Chief Technology Officer at Ignition Group

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