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The Learn Project and Ignition Group - Sogidi Primary

Empowering minds, one book at a time

2 minutes This Valentine’s Day, we were so honoured to continue our partnership with The Learn Project. Together, we brought the gift of literacy to Sogidi Primary School with the launch of a brand-new library and book corners.

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Ignition Group - Will Talbot making a great product

The making of a great product.

4 minutes Will Talbot, Head of Non-Regulated Products (NRP) at Ignition Group, has a track record of delivering products and services that offer both the customer and the company significant value, but what are the factors that he believes makes a great product ‘sticky’?

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Indigo skate camp mask hand out during Covid-19 pandemic

Ignition Gives Back: Covid-19 mask handout at Indigo Skate Park

2 minutes Ignition’s YES team visited the Indigo Skate Camp during the height of Covid-19 to educate the community on essential safety and health. As part of this initiative, we ran an internal fundraiser to donate masks to the Indigo Skate Camp, with one mask being donated for every two masks purchased by Ignitioners.

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