Ignition Group’s impactful Mandela Day with The Learn Project

Ignition Group joined forces with The Learn Project, an inspiring non-profit organisation, on Mandela Day 2022 to make a lasting impact in our community.
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Mandela Day 2022

Fuelled by the belief that ‘Readers make leaders’, The Learn Project focuses on creating sustainable libraries and classroom book corners for schools in need, which ties in with Ignition Group’s commitment to education and community development.

This fun Mandela Day journey began with a dedicated Book Drive held right here at the Ignition offices. We asked our caring Ignitioners to bring in their preloved or new children’s books suitable for primary school learners aged 5 to 13 years. The response was overwhelming, as Ignitioners donated these books with genuine and compassionate hearts.

On Mandela Day, 18 July 2022, we spent 67 minutes cleaning, preparing and covering these new and preloved books for Eskhululiwe Pre-Primary School. This wasn’t just about books; it was about investing time and care to improve the learning environment for these children. The joy of making a real difference was evident as Ignitioners came together for this meaningful cause. The focus of the initiative extended beyond the day itself though, this was just the first phase of this big initiative. Ignition transformed Eskhululiwe with a brand-new library and book corners later on in the year. The decision to choose this specific school was because many of our Ignitioners’ children reside or learn in the area and we wanted to be a part of their education and future too. This also meant that the impact was felt deeply in the lives of them and their families, fostering a sense of pride and involvement in the community.

By supporting The Learn Project, we were not only backing a cause but investing in the nation’s future leaders. Bringing the joy of a first library experience to children and introducing them to the wonders of books captured the profound impact of the initiative. Through collaboration with The Learn Project, Ignition Group showed that small gestures accumulate to create a narrative of positive change and community upliftment.

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