Ignition Gives Back: Covid-19 mask handout at Indigo Skate Park

Ignition’s YES team visited the Indigo Skate Camp during the height of Covid-19 to educate the community on essential safety and health. As part of this initiative, we ran an internal fundraiser to donate masks to the Indigo Skate Camp, with one mask being donated for every two masks purchased by Ignitioners.
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Indigo skate camp mask hand out during Covid-19 pandemic

Thank you to our Ignitioners who bought YES Masks and made a difference to someone’s life. Together with The Laureus Sport For Good Foundation and Indigo Skate Camp, we made an effort to keep our community safe and active in the middle of a global pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic was an incredibly difficult time for the world. With schools and businesses shut down, life as we know it came to a stop and we faced problems that were out of our control. But it was also clear that several disadvantaged communities faced further difficulties, like not being able to afford or gain access to basic protective gear like masks. We undertook this initiative not only to provide masks and educate community members on Covid-19 safety and health, but also to remind every one of us about the power of teamwork and kindness during difficult times.

Working with The Laureus Sport For Good Foundation, our YES team decided to make a difference in the lives of the community surrounding the Indigo Skate Camp, an area designated for the community’s youth to come together and skateboard.

At Ignition, we take our corporate social responsibility initiatives seriously and called on our Ignitioners to support this cause. We started selling masks as an internal initiative, which accomplished two purposes: firstly, we gathered masks for the youth who use the Indigo Skate Camp – for every two masks purchased by Ignitioners, we donated one mask to the Camp for those who couldn’t afford one. Secondly, it encouraged our Ignitioners to buy the necessary protective gear for themselves.

The YES team then visited the Indigo Skate Camp with the masks we had donated. These masks were handed out, and we also used the visit as an opportunity to teach the community about essential Covid-19 safety measures. The team chatted to residents to provide information on proper mask usage, hand hygiene and social distancing – important practices that were vital in slowing the spread of the virus. It was a fulfilling day for the team, knowing that we had made an impact, and these communities were armed with the tools and knowledge they needed to stay safe.

This CSR initiative was a small way of giving back and proving that as a business we can work together to change lives for the better, especially in difficult circumstances. We are a part of the community and believe that everyone deserves access to the knowledge and equipment they need to say healthy.

We would like to thank the Ignitioners who not only purchased masks for themselves, but also contributed to changing the lives of others. Through our actions, we were able to equip a whole community and keep them safe.

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