Eggstraordinary Easter memories made at Durban Child & Youth Care Centre

In April 2019, the Ignition Group embarked on a heartwarming Easter mission to the Durban Child & Youth Care Centre.
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Easter Egg Hunt 2019 CSR

The Durban Child & Youth Care Centre cares and provides for children who are orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused, offering not just a safe haven for them but the promise of a happy childhood.

We wanted to achieve a simple goal – to give these children, who have faced many challenges in life, a reason to smile and a moment of pure happiness. The Marketing Department at Ignition Group jumped at this opportunity to add more love to the children’s hearts during the Easter season. We kickstarted this holiday initiative by asking our Ignitioners to donate Easter eggs and share a little sweetness with these little ones. The response was overwhelming, with Ignitioners generously contributing to the cause.

Carrying bags full of Easter eggs, we set off for the planned Easter Egg Hunt. The sun was shining, the air was filled with excitement, and the support extended beyond the Marketing Department, with Ignitioners from all departments joining hands to make this day of joy possible. As we stepped into the youth centre to meet the little ones, we were cheerfully greeted by an atmosphere of excitement and hope, and we just couldn’t wait to dive right into the hunt. We transformed the playground into a magical space by strategically hiding the Easter eggs, with each one carrying the promise of hope for the children. We witnessed kids running with excitement, giggles echoing through the air and the pure joy on their faces as they found hidden these hidden treasures. It wasn’t just about finding Easter eggs; it was a chance to create memories that would stay in their little hearts forever. By sharing a simple Easter tradition, we aimed to show them that they are loved and cared for. These children, facing challenges most of us can’t even imagine, deserve all the love and happiness we can give.

In the midst of our Easter celebrations, it’s important to reflect on the unfortunate statistics and commend The Durban Child & Youth Care Centre for being a beacon of hope in the lives of these vulnerable children. The reality that 2.7 million children are orphaned, 13 million depend on grants, 125 000 live in child-only households and 81% live below the poverty line is really heart breaking. However, it is in acknowledging these figures that we recognise the important role played by NPOs like The Durban Child & Youth Care Centre. Their dedication to providing a safe home, daily necessities, education and encouragement creates a crucial support system for those who need it the most. In the face of such challenges, we are inspired by their commitment to giving children another chance at a happy childhood and working with families to enable children to return home whenever possible.

This Easter Egg Hunt was more than just a tick on our CSR checklist; it spoke to one of our main values at Ignition, which is our People. It’s about going above and beyond for our community because we know that many of these youth will go on to do great things if given the opportunity. So, in doing this, we know that we played our part in making a difference to their futures even in a small way.

Here’s to more Easter magic, more smiles and more stories of hope.

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