Learn Project Book Corners

On Mandela Day, a group of dedicated Ignitioners came together for a great cause – to collect and prepare a range of both preloved and new children's books, to be given to The Learn Project. The books were carefully covered and cleaned before being packed for the trip to their new home, Eskululiwe Primary School.
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Ignition Group - supports the learn project book corner

At this deserving school in Inanda, located not far from Ignition’s headquarters, they would become part of 13 new Foundation Phase book corners, and a catalyst of change at the school. The creation of these book corners were a starting point for one of our favourite CSR projects, a programme that is ongoing with further plans for expansion in our communities. These book corners will serve as a symbol of our commitment to community upliftment and service.

To celebrate this amazing initiative, the school and The Learn Project extended an invitation to Ignition to help set up these book corners. During our visit you could already feel the excitement of the leaners at the school. During our time there, we were entertained by speeches, plays, songs and dances by the eager learners that were displayed before we got to work on the book corners. Some of our Ignitioners took the opportunity to read with these enthusiastic learners, and it was great to see their love and passion for reading.

While interacting with the students and teachers, the school’s proud principal, Mrs Thandiwe Mncwabe, offered invaluable insights into how these book corners would play an important role in improving the reading skills of the learners. Principal Mncwabe shared, “My encounter with Ros Toerien from The LEARN Project in 2018 was a turning point. Witnessing the impactful work she was doing, I recognised the potential benefits for Eskululiwe. I then submitted applications for book corners in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and this year, thanks to Ignition Group, this long-cherished dream has now become a reality.”

The significance of these Book Corners exceeds the idea of a mere collection of books; they represent opportunities in each classroom. To set up the corners, Ignitioners helped place cosy carpets and snug pillows in these corners to create warm and welcoming spaces where children can get together and share the joy of reading. The book selections were carefully curated based the grades and ages of the learners to ensure that their reading experience is appropriate to their unique needs and developmental stages.

Principal Mncwabe also said that, “The Book Corners will prove to be invaluable resources for our teachers. They are not just shelves placed with books but rather dynamic spaces that we will use daily to keep the children engaged, having fun and, most importantly, developing literacy and a genuine culture of reading.”

These moments shared at the school serve as a powerful reminder of why we’re committed to investing in our local communities. The Learn Project often states that readers make leaders, and through initiatives like this, we help not only learners at school, but also lay the foundation for a brighter future by nurturing the minds and aspirations of the students of Eskululiwe Primary School.

This heartening collaboration is more than just an opening of book corners; it marks the start of a transformative journey toward a more enriched educational future for the students of Eskululiwe. We look forward to partnering with The Learn Project again, to create an ongoing impact and participate in further initiatives that contribute to sustained education and community enrichment.

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