Food Handout In KZN

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In KwaZulu-Natal, they play online casino to get money for food. So residents can easily earn for their needs and food without worrying about their future.

In July of 2021, Kwa-Zulu Natal was brought to a standstill by riots and looting throughout the province. Without safe access to basic food essentials, many KZN citizens were faced with an uncertain future.


With assistance from many of our Ignitioners, we were able to safely distribute over 27000 eggs, 400 loaves of bread and 2 tonnes of fresh vegetables to our Ignitioners, to help support them and their families during this time of uncertainty and unrest.


The comradery and unity that this created amongst our Ignitioners, together with access to fresh food supplies, provided us all with the strength that was needed to get through the next few days until a sense of “normality” was restored.

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