Ignition Group ignites hope during the 2021 Durban unrest

In July 2021, South Africa, and KwaZulu-Natal in particular, faced a period of devastating unrest triggered by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. Looting, violence and service disruptions left many communities at risk.
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Durban Riots 2021 -Ignition Group

By 14 July, hampered transport systems made it hard to distribute fresh food and essentials to people. Our Ignitioners, just like many other South Africans, faced not only the immediate dangers, but also a long-term impact on their daily lives. With all the chaos, Ignition Group stepped up to support its own – the Ignitioners who were hit hardest by the consequences of the unrest.

We recognised the immediate needs of our colleagues and responded by packing over 500 food parcels containing essentials such as eggs, milk, vegetables, and more. We partnered with Griind, our on-site coffee shop, to put together and distribute these parcels. Griind’s involvement added a special touch, emphasising the unity and collaboration within our Ignition ecosystem, and reinforcing the belief that when we unite and work together, we can overcome any challenge. The resilience of our Ignition team and the commitment to supporting one another shone brightly during these challenging times. These parcels weren’t just about food; they became a symbol of support, showing solidarity with our Ignition team.

The management team, alongside our CEO Sean Bergsma, rolled up their sleeves to contribute to the packing and distribution of these essential parcels. Their involvement highlighted the depth of our commitment – everyone at Ignition worked side by side for the common cause. Through the uncertainty, we stood united, reinforcing the belief that together we can succeed at anything we put our minds to.

The unrest tested everyone, but it also showed how strong our bond is at Ignition. In a time when the country was dealing with major problems, our teamwork overcame the most pressing challenges. Our people are the heart of our business, which is why there was no question that we had to help those in need, making sure that our Ignitioners are safe and cared for despite the uncertainty.

Our journey through this tough time not only strengthened our commitment to each other but also fuelled our determination to make a positive impact on the communities we are a part of. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to creating a supportive and caring environment, where every one of our employee feels valued and heard.

As we reflect on the challenges we faced, we’re reminded that it’s in the toughest times that the true character of a community shines through. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a team that cares. Together we’ll continue to weather any storm that comes our way and emerge even more united on the other side.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to make a difference and create a positive impact in the lives of our Ignitioners and the communities we serve.

For a glimpse into how Ignition stood by its people during the unrest, check out our behind-the-scenes video.

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