Mandela Day

Every year Mandela Day is celebrated as and South Africans are encouraged to do a good deed in his honour.

18 July is a big day in South Africa – it marks the birthday of the great Nelson Mandela. Every year it is celebrated as Mandela Day, and South Africans are encouraged to do a good deed in his honour. Ignition always puts our weight behind a worthy cause for the day, from donating and covering books for The Learn Project to collecting shoes for Project Run.

Project Run is backed by The Sneaker Shack and collects, cleans and distributes shoes to people who need them.

Our home province of KwaZulu-Natal suffered from extensive flooding in early 2023 and some of our local communities were particularly hard hit. We sent out a call for assistance and our Ignitioners responded in a big way – over 200 pairs of gently worn preloved shoes were collected. The Sneaker Shack then did their bit by cleaning them and distributing them to The Bhambayi Project in Inanda, a community-based initiative that provides various resources for orphans and vulnerable children, as well as their guardians. The impact of our contribution really made a difference, reaching those who needed it the most and creating a sense of community support that goes beyond monetary value.

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