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Our business decisions are data-driven. By implementing various Technology platforms, we are able to capture data that has been previously untouchable. This enrichment of data creates a better understanding of our customers, our people and our operations. The combination of insightful data and a team that is always looking for new boundaries to push, provides Ignition Group with the opportunity to become one of the most recognised customer acquisition businesses in the country.

Our innovative Information Technology team and a state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to support a number of business divisions within the Group, allowing them to swiftly develop, adapt and support our Business Partners and strategies. 

To stay ahead, we need to stay on the forefront of Technology and Innovation. Not only for ourselves, but for our People, Client and Customers. We’re intent on utilising today’s technology to innovate for tomorrow — so we have a place in the future, and can bring everyone we come into contact with, along with us.

Russell Stather
Chief Technology & Innovations Officer


Our offering of Marketing services, driven by cutting-edge technology and techniques, includes:
  • Social Media and Display Advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Development
  • Paid Search
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Business function

Technology and data are leading the way to the future. More data capture points mean more data which means more decisions to be made and at a faster pace. A.I. enables these decision-making processes as we grow our hyper-personalised customer journey which separates us from our competitors.

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