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Mobile Network Operations


A leading MVNE in South Africa, and home to some of the most competitive and A-grade mobile networks. Offering full-circle solutions and services, MVN-X creates more value for partners through their very own branded mobile networks.

The Telecommunications industry provides the world with reliable connectivity. It is fast-moving and diverse with so much opportunity to accelerate businesses and effect change. Our industry experts help businesses in search of expansion opportunities find the easiest, most cost-effective way to keep engaging with their Customers.

Valde Ferradaz
Chief Executive Officer: Telecoms


Our offering of Marketing services, driven by cutting-edge technology and techniques, includes:
  • Social Media and Display Advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Development
  • Paid Search
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Accordion Content
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Business function

Ignition Telecoms enables businesses to advance into the mobile realm by providing the necessary infrastructure, operating systems and processes, packaged in a streamlined, dynamic solution. This is often achieved by facilitating mobile convergence between existing telecoms providers and leading brands from other sectors. These cellular solutions can then be used to strengthen convenient, low-cost customer distribution channels through incentives and rewards, and also drawn on as a tool to increase transaction-led customer acquisition.

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