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Finance, Billing and Collections


Collecting money has become a science at the Ignition Group. Our A.I. collection solutions allow us to make smarter engagements with customers, offering more ways to pay than ever before. Constant improvement of collections efficiencies means that we can collect more money at a lower cost; making our organisation one of the most optimised collections engines in the country.

Navigating the world of billing and collections is an art few dare to take on. It requires dedication, a passion for Data and a unique understanding of your Customer. At Ignition, all these qualities fuel our need to succeed, whilst our Data Intelligence channels our energy and efforts to optimise not only collected revenue, but the cost to collect!

Richard Swart
Head: Customer Value Management


Our offering of Marketing services, driven by cutting-edge technology and techniques, includes:
  • Social Media and Display Advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Development
  • Paid Search
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Business function

The Finance, Billing and Collections Department optimises cash collection on a monthly basis. This function serves as a feedback loop to assist with vetting scorecards to ensure that the customers we are onboarding are in a position to fulfil payments and that our business risk aligns to the reward. Our in-house collections team drives manual collections to minimise overall debt and create positive customer experiences.

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