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Effective facilities management is essential to the performance of any organisation, no matter the size and scope. The Facilities Department is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and sanitisation of the organisation’s buildings, ensuring that they meet legal requirements and health and safety standards. 


In addition to this, our in-house coffee shop and Canteen remain well maintained by our creative and quality-focused Food and Beverage team. 

Our Facilities Management practice has evolved into that of hospitality. Effective Facilities Management is essential to the performance of any organisation — no matter the size. We provide services for the smooth function of the company, incorporating all aspects of the service industry. Hygiene, health and safety are key aspects our department, which assures a healthy, seamless work environment for all.

Kirsty Phaal
Chief People Officer


Our offering of Marketing services, driven by cutting-edge technology and techniques, includes:
  • Social Media and Display Advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Development
  • Paid Search
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Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Business function

The Facilities Department implements management and maintenance that delivers greater adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability for the organisation. It ensures efficient and smooth business operations that are not often interrupted by a diverse range of technical difficulties or facility malfunctions.

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