The Learn Project

The Learn Project is a highly effective educational programme that is specifically designed to improve literacy and reading skills among children.

The Learn Project is a highly effective educational programme that is specifically designed to improve literacy and reading skills among children, particularly in under-resourced and disadvantaged communities. Its main goals include enhancing the quality of reading instruction, providing access to appropriate and engaging reading materials, and fostering a culture of reading both in schools and in the wider community.
The project’s primary focus is creating libraries and book corners in schools, filled with appropriate books for the learners, but it also supports teacher training and development programmes.

Why The Learn Project?

You may be wondering why Ignition Group, a technology company, chooses The Learn Project as a major part of its CSR programme. Here’s why: South Africa is facing a reading crisis. 80% of children in South Africa can’t read properly. Not in English, not in their home language – not in any language.

The root cause of this desperate situation is that there is no culture of reading in South Africa, which is exaggerated by the closure of school libraries and the high cost of books.

Ignition and The Learn Project believe that literacy is a fundamental human right, not just for the enjoyment and mental stimulation it provides, but also because these skills can help our children to live a satisfying and rewarding life and to fully take part in society as they grow and mature. I t has also been revealed by many studies that the earlier this lack of reading can be remedied, the more effective it is.

From a practical point of view, we at Ignition Group are continually exposed to the benefits of a good education – we are constantly looking for new Ignitioners, and one of the most important things we look for is the ability to read scripts as well as to speak fluent English. We need to assist our communities within our catchment areas to grow our youth into adults who are employable and trainable, who can take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.


Because Ignition Group is a technology-focused enterprise, we place a high premium on technological proficiency. In alignment with this priority, we will be expanding our involvement with The Learn Project to give these essential skills to older primary school students. We will be supplying tablets that are loaded with learning apps for reading and writing, coding and maths, to give a generation of learners the valuable skills they need to succeed in the modern digital economy.

We also view our collaboration with The Learn Project as a way to give back to our own community. The children of many of our Ignitioners go to schools that The Learn Project works in, so by partnering with The Learn Project we are directly improving the lives of our Ignitioners and their families.

So far, the partnership between Ignition Group and The Learn Project has accomplished:

  • 13 teachers trained
  • 37 book corners installed
  • 1 full library outfitted
  • 1 brand new library built and outfitted
  • 4923 books donated
  • 3450 children positively impacted

And counting…
Igniting minds, inspiring change.

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