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Africa's Largest Bank

Case Study

Ignition Group’s Customer Acquisition Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform increases Africa’s largest banks mobile product sales by 100% overnight.
Recently, this bank developed its own branded Mobile proposition for their customers, rewarding them with mobile airtime for using their services. By providing this service, they are driving loyalty to its large customer base. This mobile airtime service is facilitated by Ignition Group through its enablement platform. Standard Bank has been using direct marketing activities to offer airtime and financed mobile handset products to its existing customer base.


Our partner experienced a high cost of acquisition, due to the marketing and sales costs associated with engaging their existing customer base, in an attempt to provide their mobile products and services.

Our Solution

Ignition’s customer acquisition success is driven in scale, using the Ignition AI Platform. The AI platform is enabled through self-learning computer algorithms, leveraging large-scale Ignition first-party data points and various third-party data points, providing accurate and relevant predictions. Using Ignition’s AI Platform, and specifically the Propensity-to-Buy Model, Ignition was immediately able to increase the sales conversion rates being achieved by the marketing and sales activities. This was done by accurately targeting the right customers, with suitable propositions that were both relevant and affordable.

Our Results

0 %

sales conversion


reduction in the cost of acquisition

This model ensures a sustainable and successful campaign, through which they can not only delight, reward and retain their customers — but do so profitably!

Ignition are leaders in customer acquisition. They have achieved excellent results as a trusted sales and marketing partner. Ignition are leading edge from a technology standpoint, leveraging proprietary technology to create results that we could not have achieved on our own.
CEO, Africa’s Largest Bank

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