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Our experienced leaders, from across the globe drive the success of Ignition Group, and innovate in the space of Technology, Data and Customer Acquisition.


Sean Bergsma

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ignition Group’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sean Bergsma, is a born entrepreneur. From an early age, Sean knew he wanted to run his own business, and effect change. He has a passion for strategy and creating innovative businesses that are sustainable and scalable, which he brings to Ignition Group and the brands it partners with. Sean is a key driver in the success of the Group, from its inception to its constant innovation — his motivation is rooted in changing tomorrow, with the technology and data available today.

Donovan Bergsma

Group Chief Operations Officer

Ignition Group’s Founder and Chief Operations Office, Donovan Bergsma, is a charismatic and highly focused individual with a strong entrepreneurial flair. Don is output orientated, with an eye on the prize. His diverse and in-depth understanding of technology and its ever-changing environment means he doesn't just work in this field, he lives it.

Mark Parker

Group Chief Financial Officer

Ignition Group’s Chief Financial Officer, Mark Parker, is responsible for making sure things go according to plan. He is an astute, committed individual responsible for Group Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Compliance. Mark qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 2000, and after spending eight years as the Financial Director of an outsourced Contact Centre Group, he joined the Ignition Group in November 2014 to provide structure and discipline to our innovative environment.

Mark Mitchell

Managing Executive: Ignition Distribution

Ignition Group’s Executive Head of Distribution, Mark Mitchell, sees the big picture.
With oversight of all verticals, including Telecommunications, Broadband, Home Services and Financial Services within the Ignition Distribution business — Mark puts all the parts together by ensuring our end-to-end service offering, from sourcing high-intent customers, right down to delivery, is realised.

Russell Stather

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Ignition Group’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Russell Stather, future-proofs our business. Russell innovates and delivers transformational IT platforms that support the growth demands of the business and our partners. Joining Ignition Group from the UK, where he was the IT Director of a London-based foreign exchange company. Russell offers executive experience from a variety of Fortune 500 and start-up organisations, presenting his innovations at industry-shaping events like Microsoft’s Global Future Decoded.

Tim Lombard

Chief Marketing Officer

Ignition Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Lombard, makes magic for our business and partners, by blending data and creativity. Tim has seasoned experience in traditional marketing, heading up the global expansion of international brands — and builds on his background, by applying digital transformation to everything he touches. Tim has overall accountability for multi-channel marketing strategy across all Ignition Group assets and divisions, bringing the right people together, at the right time to effect change and deliver on organisational goals.

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At Ignition, we’re a team. We work hard, we play hard and we have fun doing it. As a business with international reach, based right here in South Africa, we also think big. We have clients all over the world and give local talent a chance to get experience on the global stage.

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