The Ignition Group Ecosystem: Opening the digital economy to all South Africans.

Ignition Group’s mission is to empower consumers, entrepreneurs and enterprises to actively engage and integrate into the digital ecosystem. By ensuring access to resources and technology, we strive to foster economic growth and prosperity in the communities we serve.

Ignition CX - Customer Experience
What does that mean?
We believe that everyone should have access to the internet, no matter where they live or their economic standing. But access to the internet is just the beginning. Everyone also needs tools to engage with other people and make the most of the opportunities availablee on the internet, to study, to get a job, to have a bank account, to market a business or services, to connect, to grow. We know that if South Africans grow, hope grows, our country grows, our future grows.

“Ignition is a proudly South African business, and we are committed to enabling job creation at scale,” Ignition Group CEO Sean Bergsma says. “We believe that the digital economy has the power to do this, that it is the future of Ignition and the country.”

How do we do this?

Ignition Group is leveraging the power of its growing ecosystem to give South Africans affordable access to the digital economy through mobile data, banking and an online marketplace. Since it was established over 20 years ago, Ignition Group has been strategically growing and diversifying into a number of sectors, each business unit fulfilling a collaborative role in advancing the Ignition vision. These business units cover the mobile telecommunication industry, banking and financial services, digital marketplaces, as well as the core Ignition offering of customer experience (CX) and Global Business Solutions. Ignition has identified three key pillars that support access to the digital economy: access to the internet, access to banking and access to customers via an online marketplace.
Ignition CX
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